Adventures In Food

Food is part of our everyday life no matter who we are or where we live.  On a very basic level we must eat to survive.  Food belongs to all of us and it’s up to us individually to choose what we do with it.  Some people don’t cook, some people can’t cook, some people won’t cook!  Others cook because they have to, but increasingly people are cooking because they enjoy it and because they love to share.  There are also those who cook to the highest levels in search of perfection.  I love cooking in all its forms and endeavour to embrace as many culinary experiences as I can.

Japanese sushi and sashimi.  Lebanese hummus and falafel.  Spanish tortilla and paella.  Indian curries.  Fish and seafood straight from the sea.  Italian pasta and pizza.  Juicy hamburgers and hotdogs.  Greek mezze.  Vietnamese pho.  British fish ‘n’ chips with mushy peas.

Join me on my quest for new food, old fashioned food, spicy food, easy to cook food … food, food, food!  Browse through my recipe pages, search the site, read my blogs and above all, please do join in.  Post comments, suggestions and questions and I will endeavour to respond.

Food, friends and conversation … a recipe for success!